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San Francisco Chief Bans Use of "Thin Blue Line" Facial Masks

The chief of the San Francisco Police Department has banned the use of facial masks that bear the pattern of the "Thin Blue Line" flag during the COVID-19 pandemic .

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California Officer Arrested for Off-Duty Shooting of Fellow Officer

An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was arrested early Sunday on suspicion of shooting and wounding a fellow officer while they were off-duty at a Southern California recreation area.

LAPD Chief Says Zero Bail Leading to Increase in Repeat Offenders

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said while crime in Los Angeles is down in almost all categories since the pandemic began and L.A. implemented its stay-at-home order, career criminals are now exploiting the situation, getting arrested over and over with no real consequences.

California Officer Injured by Man Resisting Arrest

An officer with the Selma (CA) Police Department was injured by a suspect who resisted arrest after being spotted with an open container of alcohol in public on Friday morning.

Interim California Chief Named as Permanent Chief of Department

The Bakersfield (CA) Police Department has named Assistant Chief Greg Terry as the new chief for the agency.

Suspect in Custody After California Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Crash

A suspect is in custody after he led California police on a 40-minute vehicle pursuit that ended when the motorist crashed into a tree after officers performed a PIT maneuver.

California Officer Recovered from COVID-19 Now Helping Others

An officer with the Burlingame (CA) Police Department recently recovered from COVID-19—after contracting the condition in early March.

California Agency Builds Coronavirus Decontamination Center

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has established a “Virus Response Team” that will maintain a tented area and adjacent shower trailer behind the agency’s training center.

California Department Proposes "Social Distancing" Easter Egg Hunt

Officers with the Bakersfield (CA) Police Department say they will be on the lookout for hand-crafted Easter Eggs placed in street-facing windows, and promise that when they see one they will snap a picture of it for posting on their social media channels.

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Retired California K-9 Dies Peacefully at Home

A retired K-9 with the Indio (CA) Police Department has reportedly died of natural causes at the home of his handler.