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bail reform

Legislator Says No Proof Bail Reform Causing Crime Spike, NYPD Answers with Alarming Stats

Since Jan., 1,482 suspects busted for serious felonies were released without bail only to commit another 846 new crimes.

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Interim Chicago Police Superintendent Furious Over Bail for Man Accused of Shooting Officer

"To release somebody that is suspected and charged with attempted murder on a police officer for a low amount of bail is outrageous," Beck said.

Reforming Bail Reform: Thoughts on Finding a Middle Ground

Bail reform in its current form is not a sustainable solution, just as the previous system was bound to collapse under its own weight.

NYC Turnstile Jumper Says Bail Reform Law is "Lit"

A New York City man who has been arrested and released from jail six times in six weeks for a variety of minor offenses says that the state's new bail reform law that took effect in early January is "lit."

California Chief Frustrated at Release of Felon Arrested for Possession of Firearm

The chief of the San Jose (CA) Police Department expressed frustration late last week when a felon arrested for illegally possessing a weapon was released from jail without bail just hours after being booked.

Judge Denies Bail for Man Accused of Murdering Alabama Officer

A judge in Alabama has denied bail for the man accused of murdering Huntsville police officer Billy Fred Clady III in December.

Man with History of Violence Against Police Released Without Bail

A man who served time for shooting an officer with the Rochester Police Department in 2009 was recently arrested in connection with a sting operation in which officers sought to purchase fentanyl, but is now out of jail without posting bail.