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Stolen Property

The Challenge of Cryptocurrencies

A decade ago cryptocurrencies were nothing more than curiosities for computer geeks. Now they are going legitimate, but despite all of the moves toward legitimacy, cryptocurrencies remain the favored money for criminal activity online.

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Dog Stolen from South Dakota Officer Found in Minneapolis

A German shepherd stolen from an ailing South Dakota police officer's home has turned up on the streets of Minneapolis.

Man Who Caused Crash That Killed CA Deputy Is Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

A man who was driving a truckload of stolen appliances when a stove tumbled off his truck, causing a crash that claimed the life of a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, was convicted Wednesday of second-degree murder, officials said.

Illinois Man Steals Bulldozer, Backs Over Police Car

A Bourbonnais man stole a bulldozer in far south suburban Kankakee, IL, and drove it around the streets, backing over a squad car when officers tried to stop him, police said.

PawnSafeBox Integrates with to Find Stolen Property

PawnSafeBox is an online database service created and developed by a policeman for police that records, captures, searches for, and locates stolen merchandise in near real time. A partnership with improves victim involvement in finding stolen items.

Video: 3 Law Enforcement Trained Dogs Stolen From Facility

Three purebred German Shepard dogs were stolen from a law enforcement K-9 training center outside of Denver on Friday.

3 Law Enforcement Trained Dogs Stolen From Facility

Three dogs that were being trained for use in law enforcement were stolen from a kennel at a facility outside Denver where the animals are trained, Douglas County Sheriff's officials said. The dogs, which where found to be missing from their kennels Friday, could not have gotten out without someone releasing them, according to police. Read story here.

Pinterest, Twitter Help Calif. Departments with Leads, Communication

Some California police departments are now using social media to reunite victims with stolen property, gather evidence to build cases, provide a public platform to track valuables, and distribute breaking news.

Cardboard Cop Cuts Crime In Mass.

As part of an effort to cut crime at the Alewife MBTA subway and bus station in Cambridge, transit police placed a cardboard cutout of a police officer in the bicycle cage.

Fla. Agency Using SmartWater CSI Marker for Stolen Property

The Riviera Beach (Fla.) Police Department has has begun using SmartWater CSI, a liquid agent used to mark evidence. The non-hazardous agent can be applied to any piece of property.