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Former Tampa Police Chief Elected Mayor

Castor served 31 years at the Tampa Police Department, first as a patrol officer and then six years as police chief, according to her campaign website.

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Report Implies Rise in Attacks on Officers and Increased Armed Suspect Contacts Led to Doubling of Phoenix Police OIS Numbers

The report states that there was an increase in officers encountering subjects who were armed with firearms or simulated weapons, in addition to a jump in the number of assaults against officers both in Phoenix and throughout the Valley.

Dispatchers and Call Takers: Thanks to (and Support for) the Men and Women on the Thin Yellow Line

During the second full week of April, public safety agencies celebrate a group of individuals without whom public safety agencies would fail to properly function—dispatchers and call takers.

New Hampshire Chief: Budget is 'Treading Water'

Chief Andrew Lavoie is urging the Board of Aldermen to consider raising Mayor Jim Donchess' proposed budget for the Nashua Police Department, citing extensive overtime costs and other factors. The department is spending an average of $30,000 a week in overtime.

POLICE Magazine Announces First Police Technology eXchange

POLICE Magazine has announced that the first Police Technology eXchange (PTX) is scheduled for December 9-11 in Scottsdale, AZ. PTX brings together senior level IT leaders and technology decision-makers from law enforcement agencies (delegates) with leading law enforcement technology vendors (supplier hosts).

Indiana Chief, Assistant Chief Involved in Fatal Gunfight with Armed Suspect

The chief of police and the assistant chief of the Brownstone (IA) Police department were involved in a shooting outside the department's headquarters building.

Former California Police Chief Awarded $7 Million in Gender Discrimination Suit

The suit alleges Lili Hadsell, chief of police from 2008 to 2013, was subjected to prejudicial treatment that ultimately led to her firing. It also accuses the department of promoting Hadsell to the position as a form of “tokenism” as the city “paraded her around as a prop to celebrate themselves for having a female police chief.”

Detroit Officer Fired for Allegedly Posting Racially Insensitive Comments on Social Media

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chief James Craig said that 24 allegations were brought against Officer Gary Steele, 11 of which were sustained.

Houston Police Chief: No More No-Knock Warrants

The January 28 incident that prompted the policy change left two drug suspects identified as Dennis and Rhogena Tuttle dead, and five undercover narcotics officers wounded in a gun battle.

President Trump to Chiefs, Sheriffs at National Conference: "The Wall is Coming"

President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the Major County Sheriffs and Major Cities Chiefs Association Joint Conference in Washington on Wednesday, saying during his speech that "the wall is coming."