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Off-Duty Incidents

Missouri Officer Shot, Bullet Stopped by Body Armor

An off-duty officer with the Kansas City Police Department was working a security job at a local shopping center when he was shot and struck in the bullet-resistant armor he was wearing.

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Off-Duty Florida Officer Struck, Injured by Suspected DUI Driver

An officer with the Miami Police Department was struck by a driver reportedly suspected of driving under the influence in the early morning hours on Thursday.

Jury Selection Begins in Former Dallas Officer's Murder Trial

The murder trial against former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger—who is accused of shooting a man in his own apartment after mistaking it as her own—proceeded further with the beginning of jury selection late last week.

Off-Duty Ohio Officer Lauded for Saving Neighbor's Life in July

A detective with the Aurora (OH) Police Department is being praised for his fast action when he saw his neighbor suffering a medical emergency in July.

Off-Duty New Jersey Trooper Revives Unconscious Drowning Victim

A New Jersey State Trooper on a family vacation in Florida performed life-saving CPR on a 7-year-old girl who was found face down in a swimming pool.

Off-Duty Missouri Officer Responds to Fatal Shooting Scene

Three people were shot—one fatally—during a disturbance in Kansas City on Thursday afternoon.

Off-Duty California Officer Shoots, Wounds Armed Man

An off-duty officer with the San Francisco Police Department shot and wounded a man in the suburban town of El Cerrito on Sunday night.

California K-9 Dies in Hot Car While Off Duty

K-9 Ozzie's handler was off duty when he found the dog deceased in a department issued patrol vehicle, which is equipped with an alert system that signals to the handler when the interior temperature gets too hot. It is suspected that the alert system failed to activate.

Atlanta Police Arrest 2 Suspected of Firebombing an Officer's Home

The Atlanta Police Department has arrested two brothers in the arson attack on an Atlanta police officer's home in June.

Off-Duty NC Deputy Rescues Boy's Puppy from Well

The deputy, identified as B. Heath, jumped out of his truck and had Trey's dad hold his feet and lower him into the well. He was able to pull Riley to safety.