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Off-Duty Incidents

Off-Duty Illinois Trooper Struck and Killed While Responding to a Traffic Collision

Trooper Christopher Lambert was reportedly out of his car, offering assistance at the scene of a three-vehicle crash when a vehicle struck him.

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Wisconsin Officer Provides Life-Saving Help During In-Flight Medical Emergency

An officer with the Grafton (WI) Police Department is being hailed as a hero for his quick thinking and rapid response to a medical emergency aboard a flight he was taking from Florida to Chicago.

Off-Duty California Officer Dies of Wound from Accidental Gun Discharge

An off-duty sergeant with the Pismo Beach (CA) Police Department reportedly died on Sunday after sustaining a wound from an accidental discharge of a firearm.

Texas Police Arrest Gunman en Route to Church Claiming to 'Fulfill Prophesy'

Police are thanking a concerned citizen and a quick-acting off-duty officer with the Seguin (TX) Police Department for preventing what could have been a tragic incident at a neighborhood church.

Massachusetts Officer Arrested for Off-Duty Shooting that Injured Wife

An officer with the Boston Police Department has been arrested following an incident on Christmas Eve in which his firearm discharged, wounding his wife.

Off-Duty Indiana Officer Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

An officer with the Elkhart (IN) Police Department has been arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence following a traffic collision.

South Carolina School Resource Officer Accused of Domestic Abuse Fired

A school resource officer with the Orangeburg (SC) Department of Public Safety has been fired following charges filed against him for third degree domestic violence.

Off-Duty Nebraska Officer Cited for DUI

An officer with the Lincoln (NE) Police Department has reportedly been ticketed for aggravated DUI following an investigation into a crash he was involved in while off duty.

Off-Duty California Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in Chest

The officer—who has not yet been identified—reportedly had an accidental discharge in the parking lot of the restaurant that struck him somewhere in the chest area.

New Jersey Officer Arrested After Leading Police on Vehicle Pursuit

A law enforcement source told the Jersey Journal that 50-year-old Michael Dillon of the Jersey City (NJ) Police Department had been at a police holiday party Thursday night and is suspected of driving drunk.