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Edged Weapons

New Jersey Woman Arrested for Reportedly Stabbing Officers

A New Jersey woman reportedly stabbed two police officers at a home in Newark on Independence Day.

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Connecticut Police Shoot, Wound Knife-Wielding Man

An officer with the Danbury (CT) Police Department was forced to draw his service weapon and shoot a man wielding two large knives on Wednesday morning, wounding him.

Virginia Police Fatally Shoot Sword-Wielding Man

An officer with the Timberville (VA) Police Department came under attack of a man wielding a sword at a domestic call on Wednesday, forcing him to discharge his service weapon in his defense.

Blackhawk Releases Knife Collaboration with Custom Knifemaker Andrew Arrabito

The new line of Blackhawk + Andrew Arrabito blades consists of a Combat Filet, EDC, Field Knife, Karambit, and Combat Dagger with very limited quantities.

What Officers Want in a Duty Knife

All LEOs need a convenient, useful tool they can carry and deploy easily, but some features are more popular than others.

Suspect Stabbed Wife, Barricaded Himself in Arizona Home

A man reportedly stabbed his wife in their Scottsdale, AZ home early Thursday morning. She was able to escape with her teenage son, but the attacker remained in the dwelling, barricading himself as police arrived to the scene.

2 California Officers Shot Confronting Sword-Wielding Man at Church of Scientology

Two officers with the Inglewood (CA) Police Department were struck by gunfire after responding to a call of a sword-wielding man who had entered the lobby of the Church of Scientology Wednesday afternoon. The suspect was fatally shot.

Commission Says LAPD Officers Violated Policy Shooting Knife-Wielding Man in Mall

A report to the Police Commission by Moore describes a chaotic situation in a mall full of shoppers, with Mack appearing to be in a state of "agitated delirium."

Ceramic Plate Saves Massachusetts Officer from Possibly Fatal Stab Wound

An officer with the Springfield (MA) Police Department is lucky to be alive after a suspect armed with an edged weapon attempted to stab him in the chest.

Maryland Trooper Fatally Shoots Assailant who Stabbed Him

A law enforcement officer who was responding to reports of destruction of property was suddenly attacked and stabbed by an assailant on Monday morning.