Innovation in Cruiser Camera Technology

Looking for a self-contained camera system that offers some unusual features? Lear Corporation, famous for manufacturing automotive seating and interior design, offers the CruiseCam. This system is complete and comes pre-installed in a passenger seat module, with easy power connection.

The seat-back camera mount offers pillar to pillar viewing thatÕs unaffected by glare, rain or snow on the windshield. There is an instant rear-facing wide-angled view available to record back-seat occupants. A wireless UHF microphone delivers a range of 500 feet when out of the vehicle. As a self-contained unit, there is no wiring and a vehicle switch is as easy as four bolts.

The high resolution 4" diagonal color LCD monitor and simple one-touch camera control is user-adjustable for positioning. There is a lockable under-seat compartment allowing controlled access to the no-erase eight-hour recorder.

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