Hard Drive Copy in the Field Made Easy

Computers are as much a part of the criminal’s toolkit as a pair of pliers and a screwdriver were 25 years ago. The ability to copy a suspect’s computer hard drive at the scene may spell the difference between a solid case and a hard drive full of evidence going to alphabet heaven!

The Solitaire Forensic Unit by Logicube, is a handheld data duplication device designed specifically for field investigators. Ideal for disk drive seizure and image capture, the operation can be accomplished at speeds up to 975 MB a minute. Lightweight and portable, the rugged construction and field-tested capabilities mean the Solitaire Forensic Unit works in the real world.

The unit can make an exact copy of a suspect’s drive with zero alteration of the original drive. It can copy all the files, including deleted files, hidden files and file slack. The system includes a portable printer to print a detailed report, onsite. It’s compatible with any operating system, has parallel port capability, allows the printing of an audit trail, has a built-in cooling fan and comes in a ruggedized ballistic case.

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