Battery Analyzer and Charger

In this battery-intensive, hi-tech world the efficient management of battery power is critical. It’s easy to “kill” a battery by abuse in charging cycles, so proper charging is important. The iQpac personal charger analyzer from iTECH makes the job easier.

The iQpac has three modes of operation to handle any chore. The “charge” function takes care of charging functions for a wide range of battery types and sizes to fit virtually any portable police radio. The “Quick Analyze” function lets you analyze and condition the battery while charging. This keeps the battery fresh and functioning at top capacity.

The “Spec Analyze” mode will test a battery to a specific standard that can be relayed to a central monitoring computer to keep tabs on a battery performance. This feature keeps track of up to six charging cycles and gives a technician a good picture of the battery’s state of “health.”

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