Wireless Video Reception

For covert surveillance it's convenient to have the ability to receive, record and view in one package. The in*site Video Systems 2300RV-R is a self-contained unit featuring all the components needed to handle wireless video reception, recording and playback. It contains a 2.4 GHz receiver, high gain antenna and the Sony GV-D800 video recorder with monitor.

The RV-R can be powered by an internal, rechargeable battery or operated on AC power. A built-in fast-charger is also included for minimum down time. The RV-R does not come with a transmitter/camera unit; however, it can be used with any of in*site's 2.4 GHz transmitters or 2.4 GHz covert wireless surveillance systems.

The included Sony GV-D800 Digital 8 video recorder has a four-inch color active matrix LCD screen and offers high-speed playback, zoom and crystal clear still/slow motion and frame-by-frame advance.

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