35mm “Look” with Digital Performance

One of the cameras that wrote the book on digital, the classic Nikon D1 has the looks and feel of a standard 35mm camera but offers the versatility of digital.

Based upon the Nikon “F” mount system, the D1 allows a user to take advantage of any F-mount Nikkor lens. This opens the door to keep thousands of dollars worth of existing lens equipment still functional in the field.

The D1 has 2.74 megapixel CCD performance which will deliver high definition images. The 4.5 frames per second shooting speed can be maintained for up to 21 consecutive shots and can take advantage of the D1’s innovative autofocus system. Shutter speed can be a blazing 1/16,000 sec. and flash sync can be managed up to 1/500 second.

A built-in fill-flash is standard as well as a supplied Ni-MH battery pack and dedicated quick charger.

Image storage is via CompactFlash Type I or II and various image quality modes can be selected from Hi (uncompressed TIFF images) to low resolution images suitable for internet or computer display. The D1 can be used in “auto” mode as a “point and shoot” camera or in full “manual” mode for difficult exposure situations. The ability to handle accessory lenses from existing standard 35mm format cameras, high image quality and a high level of user-friendliness makes the classic D1 a powerful tool for field use by law enforcement.

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