Bulletproofing Schools in Israel

GILO, ISRAEL Sep-02-01(IsraelNationalNews)

Contractors got in under the deadline and completed the installation of bulletproof windows in schools in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood in time for the opening day of the new school year today. Windows in schools and kindergartens facing PA controlled areas had bulletproofing installed as per IDF instructions in light of recent PA attacks against southern Jerusalem with light weapons, 50 caliber machineguns and 60mm mortars. 90 instructors, soldiers assigned to the IDF’s Home Front Command, will begin making rounds in Gilo schools and kindergartens, instructing teachers and pupils on what actions to take in the event of an attack during school hours.

Approximately 1.9 million students will be beginning the new school year in 3,700 schools around the country and some 8.500 kindergartens and daycare centers. Security remains high around the country, with particular emphasis being placed on Jerusalem and northern areas based on intelligence community warnings. Government officials announced last week the slain PFLP leader Abu Ali Mustafa was planning a major terror attack to coincide with the opening of schools around Israel. Mustafa was killed in an IDF rocket attack. Two air-to-surface missiles were fired into the Ramallah office of the terrorist who was linked to dozens of attacks in the past.

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