WI First Responders Train to Treat Service K-9s

Operational K-9 Medical Team is delivering training to help first responders treat patrol dogs.

Operational K9 Medical Team provides practical training for on-site emergency medical treatment for police dogs.Operational K9 Medical Team provides practical training for on-site emergency medical treatment for police dogs.IMAGE: PexelsIn Wisconsin, a training program is teaching first responders how to provide emergency medical treatment to police dogs, according to an article at WISN.com.

This program was introduced shortly after a K-9 officer from the Fond du Lac Sheriff's Office was seriously hurt while on duty, the article reported.

The specialized medical training is being provided by the Operational K-9 Medical Team, a nonprofit organization based in Wisconsin.

The organization provides practical training for K-9 emergency medical treatment that can be given on-site before the animal is taken to a higher-level veterinary facility, the article reported.

Around 50 EMS workers and K-9 handlers from almost a dozen municipalities across the state attended the initial training, which took place at the Germantown Fire Department, according to the report.

Lyn Schuh, the operations director at Operational K-9 Medical Team, told reporters, the program teaches participants what is normal and what is not normal for a dog. She explains they may not know what a dog's gum color or eye color is supposed to look like, or how to place a tourniquet, because dogs are built differently than humans.

Besides the practical training, the program also teaches first responders how to adapt their existing equipment for K-9 use, the article reported.

Each participant is provided with an information card that includes important details such as drug dosages and vital signs for dogs, the article noted.

The Operational K-9 Medical Team aims to streamline blood supply in emergencies by conducting blood tests for all active-duty K9-s in the State.  


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