CALEA Introduces Policy Resource Library to Support Agencies Seeking Accreditation

Available through PowerDMS, CALEA's exclusive Policy Resource Library is designed to help public safety agencies create and share dynamic policies to meet their unique challenges.

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. (CALEA) has launched its Policy Resource Library, a free resource exclusively for enrolled agencies created to streamline the accreditation process.

The CALEA Policy Resource Library serves to house and share a robust collection of policies from experienced CALEA accredited agencies, that can be referenced and used by agencies when developing their standards compliant policies. This provides an efficient and effective strategy for agencies to identify policy resources in support of the goal of accreditation, while also providing opportunities for customized policy development and implementation.

The policies are accessed within PowerDMS, a leader in cloud-based policy management software that comes standard with every CALEA contract. This makes the policies easy to sort, so agencies can easily review CALEA Accredited content and use it as a base to fill any gaps needed as they go through the accreditation process or reference it as they create new policies. Content can be easily revised and shared with stakeholders for input, then disseminated to team members with just a few clicks, simplifying the review and approval process.

"By building a robust library of sample policies and clearly showing the relationship of these policies with the standards to which they apply, we are further removing any impediment for agencies seeking accreditation, and allow for more rapid policy development," said Craig Hartley, Executive Director of CALEA. "We are proud to partner with PowerDMS on this initiative, as we strive to best serve our membership with the latest advancements."

"We are proud to partner with CALEA on this important initiative that will benefit law enforcement agencies across the country," said David DiGiacomo of PowerDMS. "This is the logical next step in our work together to leverage PowerDMS as a platform for agencies to develop more effective policies and achieve accreditation faster and easier."

Other benefits of the Policy Resource Library include:

● Access to real-world policies from experienced departments across the U.S., Canada and Mexico to see how others are meeting standards

● Organized and tagged by standard number, so users can quickly find what they need

● Ease in writing and deploying policies based on the policies of CALEA Accredited agencies.

As part of its progression, the Policy Resource Library will be available in a Spanish-language version, available to agencies outside of the United States. Other features that will soon be available include:

● Access to proofs of compliance from experienced and CALEA-Accredited agencies

● Access to Police Foundation research and other research providing background information on corresponding CALEA Standards.

Streamlining policy updates and communications within law enforcement agencies and the public has long been a priority of PowerDMS, with more than 3,000 of its current customers being law enforcement agencies across the United States. According to the company, by using PowerDMS, agencies are able to edit and store content, making real-time changes, while also staying updated on who has viewed and downloaded content, made changes, and more.

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