Vandals attempted to break in to an Atlanta SWAT over the weekend, according to officials.

Investigators believed a group called "Stop Cop City,” a group trying to prevent a new training facility for reportedly environmental reasons, may be behind the unlawful act

The trespassers damaged the SWAT property, but did not get inside.

The office is part of the DeKalb County site where the Atlanta Police Department is planning to construct an expanded public safety training complex. Opponents have dubbed it "Cop City," Fox 5 reports.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department said new security measures will be taken to protect the property better.

Atlanta City Council has approved a proposal to lease forested land in unincorporated DeKalb County to the Atlanta Police Foundation to build a training facility for police and first responders.

The Atlanta Police Foundation plans to fund and build a new facility on 85 acres and preserve the remaining portion of the 265-acres property as green space, which is currently not accessible to the public.

Protesters oppose "the expansion of the police state" and said the Atlanta Police Foundation is threatening the Atlanta forest.