Leawood, KS, police released body-worn camera video of when officers pulled a woman to safety from underneath a burning SUV, which was overturned onto its side.

Police responded to the accident just after 2 p.m. Monday and found the vehicle on fire with the woman trapped underneath. Her torso was under the vehicle and only the lower portion of her legs were exposed.

“Stay with us, stay with us. We’ve got you,” one officer is heard on video telling the woman.

Several officers grabbed her legs and pulled her from the burning vehicle while other officers used extinguishers on the flames before the fire department arrived at the scene, reports KMBC.

“We’ve got her. Pull, pull, pull,” an officer is heard shouting as they drag the woman free.

The 51-year-old woman was transported to an area hospital and is expected to live.

Authorities say her SUV was struck by another vehicle, causing it to overturn and catch fire.