A North Carolina school resource officer is being lauded as a hero after he helped stop a high-speed chase near an elementary school by ramming a truck. 

"I praise him for his actions. He's our hero for the day," Swain County Sheriff Curtis Cochran said of officer P.D. Hampton, according to News 13. "He was going to protect those kids even at his own risk of danger to himself."

Hampton was on his way to work on Wednesday when he heard a report about a Chevrolet truck going down a highway the wrong way at nearly 100 miles per hour, Fox reports. 

He then joined other deputies with the Swain County Sheriff’s Office in their pursuit of the truck, which occurred near West Elementary School. 

The driver, later identified as Reginald B. McMahan, managed to get free and tried to drive through the bus entrance to West Elementary.

But Hampton saved the day by slamming his patrol car into the truck, preventing it from going closer to the school.