A Las Cruces, NM, woman has been anonymously paying for law enforcement officers’ uniforms to be dry cleaned for the past five years.

She told KTSM it all started when she went to take her dry-cleaning in five years ago.

“I was right here and actually there was a police officer in front of me,” said Donna Stryker who has been paying for the dry cleaning. “I thought what if I paid for his uniform and I think I talked to whoever was here that day and you know they had already paid for it and so the next time I caught it and I was able to pay for the uniform and I was like well what if I just leave money.”

Stryker said she wasn’t sure she wanted to come forward as she’s been anonymous for so many years.

One of those impacted was the wife of a Las Cruces Sheriff Sergeant, Vanessa Sanchez, who took her husband’s dry-cleaning in last week and when she went to pick it up they told her it had already been paid for.

“It completely warmed my heart and I started crying and to me, it was just an amazing feeling because my husband gets that gratitude on a daily basis sometimes but as a spouse to feel that it was amazing,” said Sanchez.