A Bastrop County, TX, sheriff's deputy was shot three times Sunday while investigating a case that led to contact with a wanted parole violator.

According to Bastrop County Sheriff Maurice Cook, Deputy Sawyer Wilson was shot three times. His ballistic vest is credited for saving his life. He was hit once in the chest, once in the side, and once in the forearm. KHOU reports that the deputy's forearm bone was shattered by the bullet.

Micheal Stark, 33, was arrested Monday after a massive manhunt of about 13 hours.

"You never know what’s going to happen when you were out there. You can stop somebody on the most innocent thing, but the suspect doesn’t know what you’re stopping them for a lot of the time. I think Stark knew that if somebody was checking on him, they would know he was a parole violator," Sheriff Cook told Fox7.

A look at Stark's record shows extensive criminal history. He’s been arrested 25 times and has wracked up numerous charges. 

Deputy Wilson has been with the sheriff’s office for more than 2 and a half years. Sheriff Cook said he was in good spirits and still wanted to help even while in the hospital.