As the Chicago area was blanketed with snow this week, in the village of Merrionette Park officers shoveled and cleared snow to help older residents.

Nearly two feet of snow had fallen in the village and Ray Hicks needed to clear a path in front of his home. However, officers from the Merrionette Park Police Department soon arrived to take care of the cold task.

“I was going out there with my walker and a shovel, okay, just determined to do some shoveling,” Hicks told CBS Chicago. “The next thing I know, cars were coming from everywhere.”

The village police force members, both men and women and even the chief, arrived with shovels and snow blowers to clear the man’s steps and sidewalk. The department started removing snow for seniors during the pandemic and maintains a list of people that may need help.

“I could not believe what I saw before me when all the officers came in,” Hicks added. “It reconfirmed in my faith that there’s so much good out here.”