Police in Vancouver, WA, have warned residents about a social media challenge that is causing problems. Police say the challenge, which calls for people to kick in doors of unsuspecting homeowners, happened at least seven times in one neighborhood in under an hour Wednesday night, FOX12 reported.

The "door kick challenge" involves people going around neighborhoods and recording themselves kicking the doors of innocent homeowners. Footage of the door kicking is then uploaded to TikTok and shown while Kesha's song "Die Young" plays over it. KFIFM reports after the lyrics, "I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums," TikTokers kick the door twice, and sometimes actually kick it in.

When FOX12 asked TikTok about what’s happening in Vancouver, a spokesperson told them, "While we have not seen this trending on our platform, we expect our community to create responsibly and will remove content that encourages vandalism and other criminal activities."

Officers and neighbors said they’re worried about how people might react when they’re caught off guard in their own homes. Police encourage parents to talk with their kids about this challenge and warn them of how dangerous it can be.