NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora will live on after his tragic death, thanks to a heroic gift. Mora, 27, lost his life after being shot while responding to a call in Harlem on Friday. His family wished for him to be an organ donor – and now, his organs have saved five people's lives FOX5 reported.

"In such a tragic story for New York, people will have a second chance at life thanks to the generosity of the Mora family and Officer Mora," President and CEO of LiveOnNY Leonard Achan told ABC7. LiveOnNY is responsible for organ donations for the entire city, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley.

"LiveOnNY can now confirm that through the generosity of NYPD Officer Mora and his family with their heroic gift of organ donation, five people who were waiting for a heart, liver, two kidneys, and pancreas were saved. Based on the medical urgency of waiting recipients, three individuals in New York and two people outside the state of New York received life-saving organ transplants from Officer Mora. We are humbled and honored to be the steward of these gifts on behalf of Officer Mora and his family so others may live on," said Achan.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell called Mora a three-time hero.

"For choosing a life of service. For sacrificing his life to protect others. For giving life even in death through organ donation," Sewell tweeted on Tuesday. "Our heads are bowed & our hearts are heavy."