Houston Police are now looking for a man, who had been charged in the stabbing of a police dog Saturday, in connection with the death of his father.

Police told the Associated Press that Ryan Mitchell Smith is considered a person of interest in his father’s death. He had been free on bond after being arrested Saturday for allegedly taking part in an attempted carjacking and stabbing a police dog during his arrest. Police say Smith led police on a chase early Tuesday as they sought to question him over his missing father. Officers resumed their search after losing track of Smith and found his father’s body in the garage.

Over the weekend, police had charged 26-year-old Smith with evading arrest, interference with a police service animal and robbery bodily injury following the attempted carjacking. Police found Smith in a nearby parking garage where he attempted to evade officers. Police dog Nate was able to catch up with Smith behind a building, KHOU reported. HPD said that's when Smith stabbed Nate, who is expected to make a full recovery.