Two Wichita, KS, police officers were shot Christmas morning while attempting to arrest a domestic violence suspect.

Capt. Jason Stephens identified Malik S.L. Rogers, 24, as the suspect, reports.

The incident began at about 10:40 p.m. on Christmas Eve when officers were dispatched to a restaurant in where a woman reported that she was physically battered by Rogers, her boyfriend.

Upon arriving, Stephens said the officers talked with Rogers for 10 to 15 minutes in an attempt to get him to submit to an arrest.

Stephens said the officers’ attempt at an arrest failed “due to a size disparity. He’s much larger than both of the officers.”

Both officers employed tasers, but Rogers escaped into a bathroom, Stephens said. He said when one officer forced entry into the bathroom, Rogers pointed a gun and shot one officer in the right arm and the other in the upper right leg.

Rogers was on parole from a 2017 attempted second degree murder and aggravated assault incident.

Both of the officers who were shot have been on the force not quite a year. Both are expected to recover fully.