The Sheffield (AL) Police Department said Sgt. Nick Risner, one of two officers shot in the line of duty on Friday, died from his injuries at a Huntsville hospital Saturday morning. Risner had been on the force for eight years.

"Sgt. Risner performed a heroic act by protecting the Shoal's Community from the shooter from entering the Walmart parking lot," Sheffield Police Chief Ricky Terry said. "Sgt. Risner died a hero, and his legacy and memory will be with Sheffield Police Department and the Sheffield Community forever."

The suspect has been identified as Brian Lansing Martin, WTVM reports.

Muscle Shoals police say Martin killed William Clare Mealback Jr. Friday afternoon before getting into a chase with additional law enforcement, eventually shooting Sheffield officers Risner and Lt. Max Dotson in their vehicles. Risner died Saturday. Dotson was treated and released after bullets were stopped by his vest.

Martin was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2013. He was released in 2016 after serving only three years.

“The justice system failed not only Sgt. Nick Risner, but his family and everyone who has been affected by his passing. This incident should have never happened because a coward who should still be in prison was walking the streets,” Chief Terry said.

The Alabama Bureau of Pardons & Paroles announced Monday that Martin was released because he had completed his sentence, WAAY-TV reports.

According to the parole board: “He ended his sentence in 2016 after three years and two months, with six years and 10 months for good behavior.”