The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday said it was considering changing LAPD policy to restrict the use of alcohol by armed off-duty officers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Commissioners requested a report from the department on the issue, as well, citing an article in the L.A. Times on Sunday that detailed how the LAPD had failed for years to develop clear policies on the issue despite a series of problems involving drunk and armed officers.

“No one wants anyone using a firearm while impaired,” said Eileen Decker, the commission president. “A more specific policy — the time may have come for that.”

The Times article cited multiple cases in recent years in which off-duty officers had allegedly caused trouble, broken laws and shot people after drinking alcohol while armed.

A department spokesman told The Times that LAPD leaders “have and will hold our personnel accountable should they misuse alcohol and cannot exercise reasonable care and/or control of a firearm,” including by using existing policies against “unbecoming” behavior by off-duty officers.