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Two Capitol Police officers who were on duty during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol sued former President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, saying he was responsible for the physical and emotional injuries they suffered as a result of the day’s events.

James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby, filed their complaint in the Federal District Court in the District of Columbia, and are each seeking compensatory damages in excess of $75,000, plus punitive damages, NPR reports.

The complaint says the “insurrectionist mob” that stormed the Capitol was “spurred on by Trump’s conduct over many months in getting his followers to believe” claims of widespread election fraud in November. The complaint also said that Trump’s supporters believed swarming the Capitol was their last chance to stop the president from being unfairly forced out of the White House.

Trump “inflamed, encouraged, incited, directed, and aided and abetted” the rioters that overran the building and attacked police personnel inside, the complaint says.