The day after Officer Joseph W. Fischer allegedly participated in the U.S. Capitol Riot, he boasted to a contact that he had “no regrets,” despite his concerns that the FBI might arrest him. In a Facebook message, Fischer indicated he had already defended himself to his boss, the police chief in North Cornwall Township, Pa.

“I told him I have no regrets,” Fischer wrote, according to a federal criminal complaint filed Friday.

Fischer was eventually arrested on multiple federal charges and suspended without pay. 

Less expected was that the boss to whom Fischer allegedly defended himself is off the job as well, the Washington Post reports.

North Cornwall Township Police Chief John Leahy was temporarily placed on paid administrative leave, the township’s board of supervisors announced in a news release Monday. The board, which did not respond to a request for comment, did not explain why Leahy had been placed on leave, saying only that an interim chief would serve in his place until the township’s inquiry into Fischer’s alleged actions concludes.