The Arizona Fraternal is calling on YouTube, which is owned by Google, to remove so-called auditors who harass and film law enforcement officers for profit.

"These video camera vigilantes regularly interfere in 911 emergency scenes on the streets of Tucson and around the country, harassing, threatening, and abusing police officers to create a video spectacle. The auditors then use YouTube channels like 'Pigs Under Pressure' to post and livestream their profane rants, monetizing the videos through YouTube clicks and advertising," the union said in a statement. Auditors are also funded by donations from their viewers.

The union, which represents 9,000 officers in Arizona has launched a Change.Org petition at

“It’s disgraceful that YouTube allows these non-journalists to profit from abusing and threatening police officers and distracting cops while we’re working to protect the public in the middle of 911 emergencies,” said Paul Sheldon, the president of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police and a Tucson police officer for 21 years. “Night after night, this practice continues to go on, making the public less safe and creating an extreme hardship for police officers whose job is hard enough without being cursed at and threatened by vigilantes with video cameras.”