The Illinois state legislature has passed a police reform bill that will mandate that all officers have body cameras by 2025.

Other provisions of the bill would eliminate cash bail within 2 years; allow the use of deadly force only when an officer acts in self defense or defending others from bodily harm; makes it easier to decertify officers by eliminating signed affidavit of complaint; limits the purchase of specialized tactical (military) equipment; and mandates the use of police body cameras for all officers by 2025, reports.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker is expected to sign the bill.

A state senate version of the bill would have removed qualified immunity for individual police officers, potentially exposing them to civil lawsuits. This provision was eliminated from the house version of the bill.

Law enforcement across Illinois have opposed the bill.

“It will make it difficult, if not impossible, to hold suspects in custody when they have been accused of crimes,” said Loves Park Police Chief Chuck Lynde. “It prevents the use of force in almost all situations, including those which are life threatening.”

The bill was introduced by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus in response to calls for police reform following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.