More than 175 current and former law enforcement officers and officials endorsed Joe Biden for president on Friday, while slamming President Trump as a "lawless" president, Fox News reports.

The list includes former U.S. attorneys, former state attorneys general, former sheriffs, former police chiefs, and others who touted the former vice president’s experience “keeping communities safe.” 

One prominent name on the list is Janet Napolitano, the former Obama administration secretary of Homeland Security who served as attorney general of Arizona.

 “Joe Biden has always stood on the right side of the law and is offering a much needed vision for our Nation. When asked the question, would you feel safe in Joe Biden’s America? The answer is yes,” said Tom Manger, the retired chief of the Montgomery County (MD) Police Department and former president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association. “I’ve worked with Vice President Biden for years and know that he can heal the divide in our Country. He has condemned violence of all kinds, and there is no question that I would feel safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

The endorsements come after a number of high-profile police and law enforcement organizations have already thrown their support behind Trump, including the National Association of Police Organizations, Fraternal Order of Police, and New York City's Police Benevolence Association.