After charges were dropped this morning against "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging his own hate crime, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are furious with the outcome, calling it a "whitewash of justice," Fox News reports.

Chief Johnson once again questioned the actor's integrity, saying, "If someone ever falsely accused me [of a crime], I would never hide behind a brokered deal and secrecy."

Mayor Emanuel said, "Our officers did hard work day in and day out, countless hours working to unwind what actually happened that night. The city saw its reputation dragged through the mud ... It's not just the officers' work, but the work of the grand jury that made a decision based on only a sliver of the evidence [presented]," he continued. "Because of the judge's decision, none of that evidence will ever be made public."

Earlier Tuesday, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office announced that all 16 felony counts against Smollett, 36, were dropped in a nolle pros and the record in the case was sealed. Smollett voluntarily forfeited his bond money and Smollett's attorney, Patricia Brown-Holmes, said the funds would likely go to the city of Chicago.

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who recused herself from Smollett's case, previously asked Johnson to let the FBI investigate Smollett's alleged attack after the former chief of staff to former first lady Michelle Obama allegedly informed Foxx that Smollett's family had concerns about the probe.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham then alleged that Foxx had illegally interfered with their investigation into Smollett's alleged crime. Graham reportedly wrote to the Justice Department to investigate whether Foxx herself broke any laws related to the probe.