A day after the acquittal of former East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld in the shooting death of Antwon Rose, protesters took to the streets throughout Pittsburgh, shutting down traffic at times.

A jury acquitted Rosfeld of homicide charges Friday after less than four hours of deliberation following four days of trial.

According to Action News, the demonstration began at on Freedom Corner in Pittsburgh’s Hill District and then went mobile, with protestors blocking intersections and entering businesses. No incidents of violence were reported during the demonstration, but according to KDKA-TV, the office for Patrick Thomassey—Rosfeld's attorney—was shot up shortly after the verdict was handed down.

After the verdict, Thomassey told reporters that Rosfeld is a good man. "He said to me many times, 'Patrick, this has nothing to do with the kid's color. I was doing what I was trained to do.'"

Michelle Kenney—the mother of the teen killed last June—said she won't stop speaking up after her son death last June, and that the family will continue their legal battle against Rosfeld.

Speaking of Rosefeld, Kennedy said, "I hope that man never sleeps at night."