The Arizona Sheriffs' Association (ASA) has endorsed the Man Up Crusade to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The Man Up Crusade was created by Canyon County, AZ, Sheriff Kieran Donahue.

All 15 Arizona sheriffs voted to support the Man Up Crusade.

"The Arizona Sheriffs' Association is honored to be a partner with the Man Up Crusade in supporting this honorable cause and to help spread the word with our county family advocacy centers and PRCA sanctioned rodeos held in our Arizona counties," said Sheriff Jim Driscoll, ASA president.

The Man Up Crusade is also endorsed by the Western State Sheriffs' Association, the Southwest Border Sheriffs Coalition, the Sheriffs' Association of Texas, and the Idaho Sheriffs' Association. The Man Up Crusade has also received a letter of support from the National Sheriffs Association.