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Officers with the Paradise (CA) Police Department find themselves with very little to do—no longer receiving calls for domestic violence, burglary, disturbing the peace, or any other incidents occurring on a typical shift before the worst wildfire in California history leveled the town in a matter of mere hours.

The area remains off limits to anyone but the first responders still searching the area for decedents and protecting against looters—even though there is very little of value remaining to loot.

Residents who fled the flames are still being held back from the devastated town at check points posted on every road into the area. The reasoning is that if people are let in, they may remain, and it will quickly devolve into a lawless mess with little to no infrastructure.

According to the Los Angeles Times, eight of the town's 20 officers lost their homes in the blaze.

But they remain on duty, patrolling a town that no longer exists.