Report writing and note taking are central to police work. Making sure you have the story straight is important to the outcome of your case, and may also have an impact on the consequences or solutions to a problem for a victim or suspect.

Police Partner by Clickz Designs takes away the need for clunky police notebooks and allows you to input all of your notes into your iPhone to review later. The User Interface is easy enough to navigate and gives officers numerous fields to fill in such as witnesses, vehicles, suspects, case numbers, and other information you'd expect to be included in a police report.

You can even e-mail these reports to yourself from your iPhone to help you write your full report later. This app, which is also available for Android devices, is a must-have for anyone working the road.

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Police Partner
Apple Clickz Designs
$1.99   5 4 3 4 4


Mike Yakouba is a civil cadet with a Washington sheriff's department. He's a commissioned employee who primarily serves civil papers.