Lightweight and athletically inspired, Danner’s new Stinger GTX line of duty boots uses patented Terra Force X technology to provide the support and durability officers have come to expect from Danner.

Stinger GTX duty boots are available in six-inch and eight-inch versions. Both feature water-resistant, all leather uppers with a breathable Gore-Tex line (hence the “GTX” in the name), making them suitable for a wide range of environments.

But what really sets these boots apart is the way they’re constructed: sturdy from top to bottom. Danner’s updated Terra Force technology consists of five components: an insole plate, midsole, internal and external shanks, and the new Danner TAC TFX outsole.

Every inch of a Stinger GTX boot is made to work hard for its wearer, with each design element serving a specific purpose. Stitching the upper to the midsole plate in the heel and forefoot provides added stability and durability. Strategically placed internal and external shanks work together to provide structural integrity and lateral and medial strength to create an incredibly lightweight, stable base.

Overall, the TFX platform’s rugged X-frame design and slight toe and heel wrap improve traction while reducing weight. At the very bottom of the boot, the new TAC TFX outsole also provides increased traction and lighter weight in addition to more comfort, a significant improvement upon traditional rubber soles.

Danner’s Stinger GTX series of duty boots are made to feel as comfortable and lightweight as an athletic shoe yet look and last like a patrol boot.