VIDEO: Family Sues Woman who Shot, Killed Man Attacking Indiana Officer

In February 2017, an off-duty Indiana conservation officer responded to a 911 call in Rising Sun, IN, about a suspicious vehicle.

At some point, the officer got into a scuffle with Justin Holland, 25, who was later shot and killed by Kystie Jaehnen, according to police.

Holland's family is now suing Jaehnen, the officer, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The suit claims Jaehnen used excessive and unjustified deadly force in the shooting, Fox 19 reports.

Witnesses told investigators Holland was overpowering the officer, and that a witness shot Holland in the shoulder after fearing for the officer's life. First aid was administered but Holland was later pronounced dead at Dearborn County Hospital.

State police said a search of Holland's vehicle revealed methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Toxicology results from his autopsy found meth, benzodiazepines, marijuana, methadone, and dextromethorphan in his system, according to the prosecutor.

Friends have quickly come to Jaehnen's side by setting up a GoFundMe account, that, after just a few days has more than $20,000 in it.