Melodie Gliniewicz is doubling down on her efforts to receive her late husband's Fox Lake (IL) Police pension benefits before her felony misuse of funds criminal case is concluded.

Gliniewicz, the widow of former Fox Lake police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, has been charged with participating in her late husband's alleged scheme to siphon money from the Fox Lake Police Explorer youth program for personal expenses, the Chicago Tribune reports.

With no trial date set and pretrial motions in her case pending before an Illinois Appellate Court, Gliniewicz is for a second time seeking the approval of annual payments from her husband's police pension.

Joe Gliniewicz shot himself to death in 2015, as it appeared his alleged theft was about to be exposed to village officials, according to authorities. He died in a remote area of Fox Lake after reporting to a police dispatcher that he was chasing three suspects on foot, prompting a massive manhunt that cost more than $300,000.