Photo: WSVN screenshot

Photo: WSVN screenshot

Hundreds of Miami-Dade, FL, police officers upset over Miami Dolphins NFL players protesting the National Anthem had planned a protest of their own, Sunday. However, a mandate from the police director required many of those officers to work the same game they were planning to skip in protest, reports WSVN.

Officials said there would be fully staffed security in and around Hard Rock Stadium.

A total of 380 officers are needed for any given game. This week, only 175 signed up for off-duty assignment.

A mandate has been ordered by Juan Perez, Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, requiring officers to work the game. "I am now faced with a critical dilemma as the staffing shortages place our community and fellow officers at risk," said Perez. "The worst scenario we can experience is a successful terrorist attack or active shooter scenario due to a vulnerability of security."

Perez added, "I made the decision to mandate officers to work the game under operational necessity."