It was a family affair on Thursday when a newly sworn-in NYPD officer followed his grandfather, father and uncle's footsteps to become the fourth generation to join the force -- and wear the same shield number. 

Officer Ryan Donnellan, 21, was among the 408 people graduating from the Police Academy at Madison Square Garden, the New York Daily News reported. His father, Patrick Donnellan, 52; grandfather, Christopher Donnellan, 90; and uncle, Vincent Donnellan, 51, attended the ceremony to see the fourth generation be sworn in.

Vincent Donnellan was the last person to wear the family shield #9304. He retired in 2012 and the shield was assigned to Officer Kevin Menendez. 

When it came around the time for the youngest Donnellan to be sworn in, Menendez was ready to transfer it back to the family, Fox News reports.