<p>Twitter post from <a href="http://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/st-johns-county-family-now-projecting-blue-lives-matter-flag-on-garage/514237736">Action News Jax</a> report Beth Rousseau shows projected Blue Lives Matter flag on homeowner's property.</p>

A St. Johns County, FL, homeowner who was asked by her homeowners association to remove a Blue Lives Matter flag from the outside of her home a month ago has now found a new way to get the message across.

A projector is now beaming the flag onto the homeowner's Samara Lakes garage at night instead of having it hung from a flagpole attached to the home, WOKV TV reports.

"It doesn’t seem to quite be covered that a projector from a vehicle projecting on your garage door is a violation of the HOA,” says Jeff Gaddie, the father of the homeowner. Gaddie added that the flag honors him and other members of the family in law enforcement.