A former Major League Baseball player who gave up the game this year was set to graduate from the Port Authority Police academy on Friday.

Anthony Varvaro, 32, a Staten Island resident and St. John’s University graduate, joined 79 other graduates for a 10 a.m. ceremony in Elizabeth, N.J. Friday.

Varvaro was a relief pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox from 2010 to 2015, but an injury sidelined him for most of the 2015 season.

He had a 7-9 career record in six Major League season, with his best years in the Braves from 2013-14.

In an interview with The Torch, St. John’s student newspaper, Varvaro said he was set to pitch again for a Red Sox Triple-A team, but decided to switch careers and become a cop, the New York Daily News reports.