If demonstrators follow through on a pledge to hold local protest marches every time President Donald Trump is in Palm Beach, FL, police officials have one main request: Stay off Bingham Island, the small patch of land on the Southern Boulevard causeway just west of Mar-a-Lago.

Local law enforcement leaders Monday expressed relief that Saturday’s march from downtown West Palm Beach to Trump’s winter White house ended peacefully without any injuries or arrests. But they said the results could have been different.

In fact, there were a few tense moments at the end of the marching route when police officials worried the crowd, estimated at more than 3,000, might get out of hand and warrant the use of tear gas, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Palm Beach police, West Palm Beach police, the Secret Service and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office will meet several times this week to discuss ways to improve their tactics at the next local political demonstration.

Police officials also plan to hold separate meetings this week with protest organizers, including South Florida Activism and Women’s March Florida.