Troy (NY) Police report that an officer was forced to shoot a suspect in the course of a pursuit early Sunday morning.

Police say an officer was conducting a traffic stop at about 3:15 a.m., when the driver tried to make a U-turn onto the Collar City Bridge, westbound. The vehicle struck a barrier and the officer was able to block the vehicle from the front, while another police car attempted to block the vehicle from the rear, reports WRGB.

The officer from the original stop then left his vehicle to attempt to apprehend the driver, according to police. The suspect reversed and rammed the patrol car behind him, and then drove forward, pinning the officer who had exited his vehicle between the suspect's vehicle and the police car.

The pinned officer then fired at the driver, incapacitating him, according to police. Additional officers arrived and helped to move the suspect's vehicle to free the trapped officer. Both officer and suspect were transported to hospitals. The suspect died. The officer was treated and released but will need further treatment.