Photo: LaserAmmo

Photo: LaserAmmo

Affordability and government-agency-level firearm training were what Laser Ammo had in mind when it developed its recent line of Airsoft solutions: the SPIDER adapter; the newly designed-for-2016 LA-FLASH suppressor adapter; and the R.E.A.L. (Recoil Enabled Airsoft Laser), which are all designed to offer high-level realistic training with full blowback for recoil-enabled training.

"Today you can find an Airsoft replica for most firearms in the market. They are inexpensive, accurate, safe and resemble your everyday 1911's, M&Ps, Glocks and AR15s - the closest thing to a real firearm. And now, with the new for 2016 SPIDER, FLASH or R.E.A.L., everyone can train with full blowback and immediate feedback," says Laser Ammo VP of Business Development and Sales Chen Shoshani. "Offering a cost-effective, safe and ultra realistic experience is the beauty of full blowback laser training. Now what was once only available to government agencies and those with deep pockets can be used by everyday carry shooters."

The new SPIDER is a small housing for the Laser Ammo SureStrike vibration cartridge that can convert any Airsoft or blanks-conversion blowback pistol into laser-emitting, firearm with full-blowback training mechanisms. Extremely easy to use and install, your Airsoft pistol can continue shooting pellets without taking the SPIDER off.

The Recoil Enabled Airsoft Laser (R.E.A.L) conversion kit includes a replacement drop-in barrel that currently fits the KWA ATP Airsoft pistols. Installation of the R.E.A.L kit is done simply by replacing the stock barrel with the Laser Ammo kit assembly.

The LA FLASH is a high-end CNC machined flash suppressor adapter that replaces the stock flash guard on any "off the shelf" Airsoft rifle.

The SPIDER, R.E.A.L. and FLASH are all made to be cost effective, safe to use, easy to install, and with no need to modify your Airsoft. These add-ons allow for easy windage and elevation adjustments of the laser for accurate training. Additionally, you can use either IR or red visible lasers.

Together with the new vibration-activated SureStrike cartridge (sold separately,) all of Laser Ammo's new Airsoft solutions will turn your Airsoft into a laser emitting, full blowback training tool simulating a real firearm. Users can immediately start training with any of Laser Ammo's electronic targets, training software or Smokeless Range simulators.

With the SPIDER, LA FLASH and R.E.A.L. conversion kits, shooters can develop and maintain their shooting skills, practice stance, and enhance gun presentation. Also, shooters can improve sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through - all with weapon full cycle and blowback.

Laser Ammo will be available at SHOT Show, Jan. 19-22, 2016, at the Sands Expo Center Booth #3841 in Las Vegas, NV, with products available to try out.

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