Photo: Angel Armor

Photo: Angel Armor

Angel Armor's newest product in its ballistic protection lineup is the Ally One Level IIIA concealable armor, providing versatile ballistic protection for on- and off-duty public safety officials — anytime, anywhere.

Ally One Armor Panel Key Attributes:

  • Unlimited applications
  • Proven protection that exceeds NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA standards
  • Sleek design for discreet use
  • Convenient 10.25 x 13.25-inch sizing fits laptop bags, backpacks, and briefcases

"With the ever-changing threats that law enforcement officers face, we want to provide them with concealable protection anywhere life takes them. Whether on-duty or off, Ally One gives officers discreet confidence and peace of mind," said Reed Doughty, PR & Media Planner for Angel Armor.

Angel Armor Level IIIA concealable ballistic inserts are designed to provide ballistic protection against the most prevalent threats. Ally One armored panels feature an ultrathin design and weatherproof seal, and surpass NIJ 0108.01 standards for mufti-round handgun protection.

About Angel Armor

Angel Armor provides advanced ballistic solutions for heroes who protect our way of life. Angel Armor is dedicated to the production and optimization of advanced armor solutions for ballistic protection. With innovative manufacturing processes and techniques, made only in the U.S., Angel Armor's product attributes range from soft to hard and concealed to structural. To learn more about Angel Armor Ally One, visit Connect with Angel Armor on Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and Instagram.