California bank robbery hostage Misty Holt-Singh, 41, died after being shot 10 times by Stockton police officers, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones revealed at a news conference Monday.

She was used as a human shield by the lone surviving assailant who took her hostage following a forceful takeover bank robbery and hourlong pursuit that traveled to Lodi and back again, the Stockton Record reports.

"On July 16, Misty Holt-Singh went to the bank and did not get to come home," a somber Jones told the media in an effort to keep the community informed and be as transparent as several ongoing investigations into the horrendous events of that day will allow.

"I have a duty and a responsibility as a community leader and police chief to provide some information today. Our preliminary investigation shows that Misty Holt-Singh died from shots fired by police officers," Jones said.

Jones met Sunday with Holt-Singh's husband, Paul Singh, to share that information with the family before making it known publicly.

Jones said during the entire incident, 33 officers used their weapons - most during the final gunbattle - firing more than 600 rounds of ammunition.

Jones said the assailants - Jaime Ramos, 19, Alex Gregory Martinez, 27, and Gilbert Renteria Jr., 30 - were extremely violent men who attempted to kill his officers "very early on. The violent incident was never contained." The heavily armed Martinez and Renteria were killed in the final gunbattle on Thornton Road near Otto Drive.

The assailants fired at least 100 bullets during the incident, Jones said, not even half of their ammunition supply. They were found with more than 200 unspent rounds when the shooting stopped, he said.