VIDEO: Armor Plates Given to Indy Police by 8-Year-Old Boy

A young boy who made it his mission to better protect Indianapolis police presented officers with protective plates Wednesday night.

When Officer Perry Renn was shot and killed in the line of duty, the Indianapolis community mourned his passing, but one 8-year-old boy named Jacen Troxell decided to go to work.

Troxell’s dad is a detective with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Officer Renn was his close friend, RTV 6.

After Renn was killed, Jacen raised more than $15,000 to buy special plates for the officers’ vests that provide extra protection and can stop higher caliber rounds. The plates were made by Paraclete, a brand of Point Blank Enterprises.

Jacen and his younger brother presented the officers with the new plates Wednesday night at IMPD’s North District headquarters. The cops of the northwest district were touched by Jacen’s act of kindness.