A new association, the International Public Safety Association (IPSA), has been founded for all law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel with the stated mission of advancing cooperation and fostering interaction between the different professions.

IPSA founder Heather R. Cotter, says the non-profit membership organization was established to "recognize that these disciplines often do not have the opportunity to collaborate and cross-train in advance of a critical or mass casualty incident."

IPSA offers members online educational events, a mentoring program, networking opportunities, and support for fundraising programs throughout the public safety community. Membership fees start at $25.

"Our vision is for a stronger, more integrated public safety community capable of an effective joint response to all public safety incidents," Cotter says. "Our values include: sharing of information, resources, expertise, and time; communication throughout the public safety community; and collaboration between all disciplines of the public safety community."

For more information on membership, go to JoinIPSA.org.